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2629 Timacqua Drive, Holiday, FL

Master Bathroom remodel (1st of 3) - Demoltion phase

Master bath demolition 2629 Timacqua Dr.

master bath shower pan replacement

I can't believe the plumbers installed a new pan liner
over extremely rotten and moldy sub-floor!!

Master bath subfloor replacement - mold remidiation

We had to remove large sections of the sub-floor in shower and
bathroom before replacing the hardibacker so we could tile.

black mold removal Timacqua Dr REO Rehabbers

Master bath tile removal in toilet closet

Ready to pour the concrete shower pan and then tile

REO Rehabbers - almost ready for tile

New pan in master shower REO Rehabbers


Second bathroom Demolition phase

2nd bathroom demno Timacqua Dr

2nd bathroom demo REO Rehabbers 

2nd bathrrom tearout

Let the tiling begin...LOL

Tiling begins in 2nd bathroom REO Rehabbers

Tile finished in 2nd bathroom - ready for toilet and vanity

Guest bathroom tile completed

3rd bathroom demolition - more wood rot and black mold issues

This was by far the worst of the three

3rd bath demo - Timacqua Dr - Smart & Handy

 mold issues in 3rd bath - REO Rehabbers

terrible mold and water damage

Fir strips rotten and being removed

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