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3633 Murrow Rd., New Port Richey, Florida

3633 Murrow


Bathroom Gut Job

3633 Murrow rd Bathroom demolition     3633 Murrow Rd. Master bath demolition

Semi-Finished bathrooms

20120417 132353     3633 Murrow Rd - Bathroom rebuild - Smart & Handy Renovations

Bathroom rebuild 3633 Murrow Rd - Smart & Handy Renos     Finished tile and tub in Bathroom #2 at 3633 Murrow Rd

Complete Kitchen replacement

Old Kitchen pre-demolition     Multiple floorings at 3633 Murrow Rd - Pre demolition

Old kitchen 3633 Murrow Rd   Kitchen rebuild 3633 Murrow Rd Smart & Handy Renos


Finished Open Concept Kitchen

Finished Open Concept Kitchen 3633 Murrow Rd


Laundry room demolition

Laundry Room tile demo 3633 Murrow Rd     IMG 5715

Hallways with no flooring yet

Living Room pre flooring 3633 Murrow Rd     Hallway 3633 Murrow Smart & Handy renos


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