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THIS REO was bought from the bank in 1/15. Demo began 2/25/15 and renovations were completed 3/27/15.

demo phase20150223 135058

20150224 14114220150224 141156

20150224 15031320150224 152344

20150224 15234820150224 152352(0)

Backyard drainage issues solved with 120' of back breaking french drain installation

French drain install at 3733 Modesto

french drain issues 3733 Modesto

Drainage issues fixed. Back of house repaired
3733 Modesto Reo Rehabbers

Front coming along. Painting complete - new roof and windows next week
3733 Modesto Reo Rehabbers front of house

Bathroom rehab done

modesto bathroom

modesto bathroom2

Kitchen is done

3733 Modesto kitchen1

20150326 075351

Living room hardwood floors

3733 Modesto living room

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