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3532 Murrow Road, New Port Richey, Florida

After 10 days of delays in closing on this property by the investor group, this project is finially underway as of 1/22/14. Interior demolition has oficially begun. Carpets all gone, door down, open kitchen begun and bathrooms gutted.

3532 Murrow Rd - Pre renovation walk through video

Pre-renovations photos

 IMG 3272     IMG 3274     IMG 3275

IMG 3280     IMG 3283

IMG 3287     IMG 3291


Demolition begins

Day 1

Popcorn ceiling removal at 3532 Murrow Rd.     Carpet gone at 3532 Murrow

Old kitchen removal at 3532 Murrow Rd      Flooring is out 3532 Murrow Rd.

Day 2

3532 Murrow Rd Kitchen demolition

Day 3

3532 Murrow - tree removal and roof replacement     3532 Murrow roof replacement 2

Day 6

 New roof - 3532 Murrow Rd - Smart & Handyt renos

Finishing drywall repairs on open kitchen 3532 Murrow Rd.     Mouse bites the dust during demolition at 3532 Murrow Rd.

Day 10 - starting to texture walls pre-painting

3532 Murrow rd texture coating walls     3532 Murrow Rd painting in progress

 Day 12 - Open concept Kitchen takes shape

3532 Murrow Rd Kitchen rebuild     Painters at work at 3532 Murrow Rd.

AFTER PICS  - Home stretch - last week of touchups

Open kitchen 3532 Murrow    open kitchen 3532 murrow

Mahagony Floors make this property pop

Mahagony floors at 3532 Murrow

Exterior complete at 3532 Murrow

Gorgeous reno at 3532 Murrow - Smart and Handy Renos

     Master bath 3532 Murrow

guest bath 3532 Murrow Rd     Master bedroom 3532 Murrow








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